About Us

Our Mission

Since 2016, All South Flooring has had the vision that quality customer service, products and education are the pillars to being a purposeful distributor. Our mission is to deliver unique, over-performing, solution-driven products that are value-oriented and environmentally responsible.

With our distribution center centrally located in Charlotte, NC we can service all our stocking programs in 1-2 days via our trusted LTL carrier partners.

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Our Team

You are encouraged to meet the All South Flooring team members and you will be convinced that they are some of the most helpful, passionate, highly motivated, and friendliest people in this industry.  This group is dedicated to the purpose of creating an environment for the clients and customers that promotes confidence, trust, and problem-solving solutions.  It's true that things are constantly changing, and changes can create confusion.  With new product development, new applications, designs, color trends, and technology, it is difficult to stay informed and equipped for success.  All South Flooring considers it their responsibility and it is engrained in their DNA to adapt to these changes and always be a valuable resource for you! 

Todd Good — President
Greg Capell — VP of Finance & Operations
Sean Mitchell — Commercial Sales Manager
Bob Brown — Residential Sales Manager
Jenny Flores — Accounting Manager
Darold Storr — Warehouse Manager
Isaiah Cromwell — Order Fulfillment
Zanna Kelly — Customer Service
Lauren Good — Customer Service
Anthony Deel — Residential and Commercial Solutions Specialist | East TN and Southwest VA
Austin Jones — Residential Solutions Specialist | South Carolina
Damon Lockhart — Commercial Solutions Specialist | Alabama
Derrick Almond — Residential Solutions Specialist | North Carolina
Jeremy Diggs — Commercial Solutions Specialist | NC and SC
Michael McLeod — Commercial Solutions Specialist | Western NC
Mitchell Jones — Residential Solutions Specialist | Eastern NC
Nikki Petriello — Commercial & Residential Solutions Specialist | Tennessee
Tom Goldston — Residential Solutions Specialist | Alabama

Our Communities

We believe engagement with our communities and local charities is an opportunity to give back and serve those who need it most. We actively support Tomahawk Charitable and The Good Samaritan Foundation through sponsorships and partnership agreements tied to our Stately Flooring programs. In addition, all our TrueTouch products contribute to the removal of 1lb of plastic from our oceans for every 100sf sold through the 4Ocean program. In a lot of cases, our vendors play a vital role in these partnerships and often contribute to the various projects and causes that we support.

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  • The Good Samaritan Foundation logo
  • 4Ocean program logo

Hope Haven - in partnership with Maxxon

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Maxxon to breathe life into a renovated space for Hope Haven, Inc. As a non-profit that provides the foundation of recovery for individuals and families impacted by substance use disorders, they were in need of a moisture mitigation and resilient flooring solution that would provide a functional space for community gatherings, professional training, and fundraising events. It was a wonderful opportunity to gain some hands-on training and leverage our relationships to give a little bit back to our community partners. To learn more about Hope Haven and help support their efforts feel free to visit https://hopehaveninc.org/